Guitarist Val Allen Wood Fired

Theocracy has fired guitarist Val Allen Wood (real name Vladimir) after learning of unethical behavior that stands in direct opposition to the band’s integrity, values, and mission. After a thorough investigation, it was clear to the band members and management that this action was necessary and unavoidable. The band wishes to make it clear that Vladimir does not represent Theocracy in any capacity.


Check out this brand-new studio video for “Collide & Spark,” the first Project Aegis charity song written by Matt!

Matt says: “After the success of ‘Angel In the Ashes’ and ‘And the Rest Is Mystery,’ I thought it was too bad we didn’t have a similar video for ‘Collide & Spark’—especially after we saw that several people thought there were only two Project Aegis songs. Then, with everyone being sequestered at home, I thought, ‘Well, why don’t we just do a video now?’ Thankfully Nils, Henrik, Elin and Markus were on board. Enjoy, and please help us spread it around—remember, every cent from the sale of this song goes to feed Nashville’s homeless via The Bridge Bunch, and given the recent tornado damage and now the pandemic, they could really use the help. Stay safe out there, and God bless!”

“And the Rest Is Mystery,” the third Project Aegis charity song composed by Matt!

We are excited to present “And the Rest Is Mystery,” the third Project
Aegis charity song composed by Matt!  This one is over nine minutes in
length, and features vocals by Neal Morse, Daniel Heiman, LEAH, and Matt,
as well as instrumental support from Ernie and Val.  All income from this
track goes to Legacy Music, a nonprofit organization that provides music
lessons and instruments to children and teens from difficult backgrounds.
Check out the video below, and follow the links in the description to
purchase. Enjoy!


We’re thrilled to announce we’ll be playing Day One of ProgPower USA this year on Wednesday, September 4.

Some unfortunate visa circumstances led to unexpected cancellations, and we were asked to step in as a last-minute replacement. It’s always an honor to grace the stage of the best festival in the U.S., so we hope to see you there!